A top quality semi-custom product with a mid-range price point.  Showplace provides cabinetry for the entire home, including closet systems, Murphy wall-beds, bedroom furniture, and customizable pre-designed islands and vanities.  Endless options for Kitchen and Bath applications featuring affordable inset and custom fan deck color matching.  Renew, our refacing brand has unlimited choices and includes every door style, finish and customization that Showplace offers with seamless integration of custom sized cabinets and accessories creating a much lower cost end product.

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Showplace Construction Specifications

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SHOWPLACE RENEW - Dealer Program

As a Renew authorized dealer, you give your business the tools to grow. Renew provides you with a proven program, high quality product​,  and factory  training.  Your clients will have their dream kitchen within several days to one week, for a price that is well within reach.

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